Marshal Brief Round 1

Richard Bunting
April 14, 2024

Round 1 Marshal Brief:

  • Attendance: If you can't make it, ring the race director on 07484723122.
  • Marshal Brief: please read the attached brief, you don't need to memorise it but it will help you with getting your head in the game on the day.
  • Timings: Check the attached marshal brief to see when you're needed.
  • Location: Details are in the race info book.
  • Course Map: You'll get a copy on the day.
  • Rider Behaviour: Remember, no abuse from riders will be tolerated.
  • Volunteer Expenses: Paid in cash post-duty.
  • Responsibilities: Stay sober, manage spectators, report incidents, and help clean up.
  • Equipment Provided: High viz vest, radio, marshal flags, and a bin bag for cleanup.
  • What to Bring: Waterproofs, good footwear, spare clothes, insect repellent, and food & drinks.
  • Verbal Briefing: This will be given on the day; you'll manage the starts, finishes, and be responsible for radio communications and safety.
  • Emergencies: Your role is critical; maintain safety, follow procedures, and report accurately.

Your commitment to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants is what makes our events successful. So, kit up, stay alert, and let's make this a smashing weekend.

Cheers, Richard

Western Bike Events Team

P.S. Check the attachment for your designated days and keep an eye out for updates. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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