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The Valleys Enduro Series - MTB & eMTB

Get ready for the ultimate enduro series in South Wales with the Valleys Enduro Series! As a leading UK mountain bike event organiser, we're committed to offering an unparalleled MTB experience. This Valleys Enduro Series is designed to be the top choice for enduro riders across the United Kingdom. Click enter now to book your space or click learn more to find out all about the venue and race.

And new for 2024! three new race types, tap to find out more HERE!

Discover The Excitement of Our Other Events

Explore the thrilling world of off-road cycling with Western Bike Events, the premier event organizer in the UK. Experience the rugged allure of our Gravel Enduro – a perfect blend of endurance and adventure across varied terrains. Or, for adrenaline junkies, our Push Up DH Race offers an intense downhill challenge, ideal for riders seeking to test their limits. Each event is meticulously crafted to cater to all levels, from seasoned pros to enthusiastic novices. Join us for unforgettable rides that celebrate the spirit of mountain biking. Whether aiming for the podium or personal triumphs, it's about the joy of the ride and the camaraderie of the biking community. Discover more and join our next event

The Welsh Gravel Enduro

Join the thrill of our Gravel Grinder Challenge! A premier biking event set amidst breathtaking landscapes, offering a mix of endurance and adventure. Gear up for an unforgettable ride over diverse terrains, from rolling hills to technical tracks. Perfect for novices and pros alike. Secure your spot now for the ultimate two-wheeled escapade!

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Customer testimonials

Check out what people think about Western Bike Events

"Awesome. Great stuff. Best events this year 👍👍, Billy loves them"

Mattie Pugh

Western Bike Events landed with a big bang this year. I keep an eye on these things and they’ve done an amazing job as a new comer.

Si Paton

South Wales been missing out on this big time and I know you are the team to make this special

Jeffrey Lewis

"I did a few rounds last year and it was a great series. Can’t wait for 2024"

Robin Gilmore

I have just entered a race from a different series and I would just like to say once again thank you for including so many women’s categories in your races. I hope one day that people like me won’t need to thank event organisers for including all our categories as it will have become the norm

Fiona McCormick

"This is a fantastic entry to mtb enduro racing. Spent 20 years racing off-road and Rich really does put on one of the best series in the UK!"

Scott King


Discover a World of Mountain Biking Knowledge!

Whether you're a seasoned trail warrior or just starting your biking journey, our blog pages are a treasure trove of information. Packed with expert tips, insider race strategies, and the latest updates from the mountain biking world, they're designed to inform and inspire riders of all levels. Dive into our blogs to deepen your understanding, enhance your skills, and stay connected with the vibrant biking community.

Gravel Racing in Wales: Exploring the Welsh Gravel Enduro

Gravel Racing in Wales: Exploring the Welsh Gravel Enduro

Discover the thrill of the Welsh Gravel Enduro in this comprehensive blog.
Richard Bunting
5 minute read
November 27, 2023
Trail Building Essentials: Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Project

Trail Building Essentials: Key Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Project

Discover essential tips for trail builders in our guide
Richard Bunting
11 minute read
November 21, 2023
Top 5 Training Tips for the Valleys Enduro Series

Top 5 Training Tips for the Valleys Enduro Series

Gear up for the Valleys Enduro Series with our top 5 training tips.
Richard Bunting
5 Minutes
November 18, 2023
Valleys Enduro Series Guide: Insider Tips for Race Day Success

Valleys Enduro Series Guide: Insider Tips for Race Day Success

Get ready for the Valleys Enduro Series with our comprehensive guide.
Richard Bunting
5 mins read
November 16, 2023

About Us

We Are On A Mission

Its simple really, more people riding bikes to improve peoples' lives through awesome events. Thats it.

Who We Are

Allow us to introduce ourselves— we're Richard and Sara Bunting, the driving force behind Western Bike Events. Coming at you straight from the heart of South Wales—which, if you ask us, is the best mountain biking turf south of the Scottish Border—we're on a mission. But not just any mission; we're veteran-owned and steeped in the values of camaraderie, resilience, and passion. Our goal? To share the adrenaline-pumping joy of off road cycling with as many people as possible, while serving up top-notch events you won't forget.

Our Philosophy

Look, it ain't just about clinching that top spot on the podium. Nah, it's about the sheer thrill of racing between the tapes, sketchy turns, mud on your face. It's about shredding down the mountain and then gassing about your times with your mates. At Western Bike Events, we're all about creating a community where everyone can enjoy the ride, from the seasoned pros to the fresh-faced newbies. And you can count on us to bring a bit of military precision to the mix, making sure every event is run like clockwork.

Meet the Team

Richard Bunting - Director

The fella who's juggling all the balls at once, from trail-building to event planning. Richard's been knee-deep in the MTB scene since '06, and he's a man of many hats—organiser, marshal, coordinator. Cut his teeth racing UKGE on a proper shonky Trek Fuel, but that's all it took for the enduro bug to take a chomp. Oh, and did we mention he spent 23 years in the British Army as a senior engineering manager? That's right, you're in safe hands with Richard.

Sara Bunting - Co-Director

Sara, or Mrs WBE as we like to call her, is the first face you'll see on race day, managing everything at the HQ like a boss. She's mad keen on outdoor sports and has even tackled the Three Peaks and run a few half marathons, so she knows her stuff. With 15 years in the Army as a combat medical technician—plus a trophy case of awards for life-saving exploits—she's the backbone that keeps this operation running smoothly.

Our Aspirations

Short term (1 year)

Deliver the Valleys Enduro Series

Reboot and create private estate venues

Build a relationship with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and trail builders

Medium term (2-3 years)

Host a round of the BNES

Work on additional private estate venues

Strengthen relationships with NRW and trail builders

Free racing for U14s

Run a gravel enduro race

Run a push up DH race

Long term (4-5 years)

Continue to build on success and deliver more bike events

Established as South Wales' bike event organiser

Trusted by NRW and trail builders to run enduro on sanctioned wild trails

Invest in youth riders to become ambassadors and support their development pathways

Join Us

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or you're just taking your first pedal strokes into the world of mountain biking, Western Bike Events promises a proper good time on the trails. What are you waiting for? Come and join the WBE family and experience racing as it should be—fun, exhilarating, and top-notch professional.

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