The Valleys Enduro Series is a thrilling mountain bike event series that's become a prominent feature in South Wales, known for its challenging and exciting courses. Organised by Western Bike Events, the series consists of six rounds, which include five races and one championship event. This format allows riders to compete in multiple events, with their best performances contributing to their overall standing in the series.

One key aspect of the Valleys Enduro Series is its scoring system. Competitors participate in all six events, but only their best five results are counted towards their series total. This system provides some flexibility, allowing riders to miss one event without it impacting their overall score. What makes the championship event especially significant is that it offers double points, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the series. Riders often aim to peak for this event, as it can be a game-changer in the overall standings.

The courses in the Valleys Enduro Series are known for their variety and challenge, often traversing the beautiful and rugged terrain of South Wales. This not only tests the riders' skills and endurance but also showcases the scenic beauty of the region. As an event organiser, Western Bike Events ensures that each race in the series is not just a competition but also an experience, with well-organised logistics and a focus on rider safety and enjoyment.

Beyond the Valleys Enduro Series, Western Bike Events also organises other biking events like a gravel enduro and a push-up downhill race, catering to a wide range of biking enthusiasts. However, the Valleys Enduro Series stands out as a flagship event, reflecting the growing popularity of mountain biking in the UK and particularly in Wales.

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